About Us


Garfield Hawk III founded the unINcluded Club in 2009 his  journey began, not with a step, but with a ball. A basketball to be exact. Throughout Garfield’s life, his community in east Temple, TX  had changed tremendously, particularly in the decade preceding the club’s inception. With high teenage pregnancy, illiteracy, obesity, and spiked crime rates, unsupervised children and lack of structure. Garfield witnessed young children following in the steps of older children, who were out doing the wrong things. Garfield felt the need to take action.  


Using his own money, he bought a basketball goal and a few balls to provide recreational activities for the children.  Over time, he not only earned the children’s trust and respect but also their love, becoming a mentor, friend, and, in many cases, father figure for his community. 

That's when the unINcluded Club was born! The organization is a nonprofit dedicated to providing educational and mentoring opportunities for young children and teenagers.

Behind the Name & Logo


Many have asked, what does unINcluded really mean? Here it goes... the word “un-included” is a play on the word “included.” The definition of included is to contain or be a part of something or some group.

So we want our kids to be excluded from the included. We want them to be un-included from anything negative, like drugs, obesity, teenage pregnancy, gangs, and illiteracy.

To be unINcluded is a powerful, positive way to stand strong in who you are as an individual and not feel pressure to follow the crowd.

Check out the video link to hear from our founder, Mr. Garfield Hawk III. 




Why the heart with a latch across and a lock and no keyhole?The thought is it's in people's behavior to think they can pick a lock, therefore, the keyhole was intentionally left off. The the lock  on the heart represents our brain. We want people to know that the our brain can't be picked or manipulated because in this world people will pick at you trying to manipulate you to do or be things that you know are not right.  Many children are pressured in wanting to be liked or included with people or situations that are not healthy or safe all with innocent and pure heartfelt intentions. The hope is that if we use our brain,  that hopefully we can protect our heart, from people who act in ways that may cause harm to ourselves or to others.




It's Cool to Be unCool!

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Sheryl Austin-Board Chair MAgrSc.

OUR Executive Team

Un-Included Club Executive team is a rock star team! Whether its producing content or being advocates for our community, our Executive team is a governing body that has a great understnding about what it takes to the work to fulfill our mission. 

Doree Collins M.Ed.-Executive Director

Brelayshia Hodges-Board Vice Chair

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