Cultivate is a Business Solution for Organizational Sustainability. At Cultivate we have created 5 sources of revenue.

1. Events

2. Venue Rental

3. Grab and Go menu infused with the Un-Included Club microgreens

4. Youth Entrepreneurship and Product Wall

5. Enrichment Classes


Check out Cultivate at www.cultivategoodness.info

Thank you for your support!

Un-Included Club is dedicated to providing educational, leadership and entrepreneur opportunities for young children and teenagers. Our vision is to  create a positive learning environments that will stimulate and improve self awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.

No matter the size of your pledge, your support is key in helping us maintain our programming.

If you're able we would welcome you to become one of our monthly donors. Your contribution will go towards any program of your choosing:

  • Kids READ

  • Urban Agriculture [Microgreens]

  • 2T2L2 Youth Leadership

Here are ways you can give:

  1. Give online: click the donate button and choose recurring donations to be one of our monthly supporters.

  2. Email our Executive Director at  doree.collins@unincluded.org

  3. Send a check to 1000 S. Knob St Temple, TX 76501

Thank You For Your Support!