Kids R.E.A.D


Reading for Encouragement, Action and Discovery

This program is a series of experiential reading activities led by the unINcluded Club Youth Leadership. These interactive highly engaging activities are meant to inspire a desire for reading.

Our youth leaders lead the reading of a book by standing before their peers engaging in storytelling and interactive activities related to the selected books. 


We operate by partnering with local churches and other community organizations to host our  Kid READ events. We influence the narrative on literacy education through meaningful interactions and purposeful book selections. 


At the end of each Kids R.E.A.D event each child takes a brand new book home. 


In order to adhere to the necessary precautions during this pandemic, we made some changes to our traditional in-person Kids R.E.A.D program. We are pleased to announce that our program has been changed to a virtual platform with videos uploaded and shared with our families. Families in the program pick up activity packs, which include activity supplies and at least one free book that they can utilize as they watch the youtube video.