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Garfield Hawk III, Founder

Garfield Hawk is the founder and visionary of the unINcluded Club. Who sparked the desire to foster a positive environment for children to learn, grow, and become productive members of society. Garfield has received numerous awards for his work in the community. He is the epitome of what can happen when you dare to make a difference.

Doree Collins, M.E.d, Executive Director

Doree Collins is the Un-Included Club with over 15 years experience in education. Collins began volunteering with the unINcluded Club as a Program Creator and Facilitator several years ago. In 2015, she left the public education sector to dedicate herself full time to the mission of unINcluded Club. Every day, she is guided by her unwavering belief that all children are worth the investment and will succeed when given the proper resources.

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Travis Collins, LVN,

Mentor/ Instructor

Travis Collins Serves as a mentor teacher for the Un-Included Club. He brings experience as a Nurse, Surgical Tech, business owner and operator and college instructor. You will most likely see Travis hanging out with our youth teaching and showing them how to grow and properly handle food. We are grateful that because of Mr. Travis' 10+ years of experience in healthcare, he is an expert in sterile technique. Mr. Travis is our lighthearted mentor who has serves as big brother and father to many of our youth! He is a great example for our young people and a great asset to our community!

Nathan Watts, 

Chief of Operations

Nathan Watts is our Chief of Operations and specializes in logistics. Nathan is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and brings this dedication to excellence to the unINcluded Club. You will most likely see Mr. Nate primarily leading and overseeing operations at the Un-Included Club Urban Farm where we grow our nutritious microgreens. Nathan Watts also brings his disciplined approach as a mentor for the Un-Included Club youth leadership program. Nathan Watts is a great asset to our community and we are proud that he is still serving his country through the work of the Un-Included Club. 

Irma Gottshalk,

Chef Instructor

Irma Gottschalk serves as a Chef Instructor for the Un-Included Club. Irma is a U.S. Veteran and previous restaurant owner. She brings dedication and excellence to the Un-Included Club. Irma is also a certified chef who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. Through her leadership she shows the youth how to take the microgreens they grow and turn them into delicious , nutritious with her cooking and meal prep classes she teaches  to the children, youth and parents of the unINncluded Club. With her culinary experience she has spearheaded  the unINncluded Club in creating our very first cookbook. Irma is a great asset to our community and we are grateful that she continues to serve through teaching  the importance of cooking wellness to our families. 

Deidra Flowers, Communications Director

Deidra joined unINcluded Club n October 2019 as the Communications Director. Deidra studied Communications /Graphic Design at the University of North Texas and the Art Institute of Atlanta where she graduated at the top of her class with honors. She has over 20 years as business professional in the Arts and healthcare administration. She proactively, strategically, and creatively advances the organization’s visibility and reputation. She believes that empowering children to believe in their gifts, talents and being true to themselves. 

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