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unINcluded Urban Farm

11 N. 6th Street

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Garfield Hawk

Garfield Hawk is the founder and visionary of the Un-Included Club. As a Temple native and life-long, East Temple resident, his surroundings

sparked the desire to foster a positive environment for children to learn, grow, and become productive members of society. He put that desire into action, and the Un-Included Club was born. Hawk has received numerous awards for his work in the community. He is the epitome of what can happen when you dare to make a difference.

Doree Collins

Doree Collins is the president and executive director of the Un-Included Club. Collins is a Temple, Texas resident and has over 10 years experience in education. After receiving her Master's degree in Education Administration and certifications in Special and EC-4 education, she worked as an administrator for a program specifically designed for underserved children. In addition, Collins taught for seven years, and headed an educator mentorship program for two of those years. 


Collins began volunteering with the Un-Included Club as a program creator and facilitator several years ago. In 2015, she left the public education sector to dedicate herself fulltime to the job of president and executive director of the club. Every day, she is guided by her unwavering belief that all children are worth the investment and will succeed when given the proper resources.