Urban Agriculture Program

S4: Soil and Seeds, Sprouts to Success!

This program teaches children and their families how to grow, harvest and consume healthy whole foods. Providing valuable skills that lead to decreased obesity.

The initiative also includes healthy living cooking lessons throughout the year and the formation of a cookbook. The Urban Ag program has two growing spaces. Our first garden space was donated by USDA at the Blackland Research and Extension Center and our program has expanded with our very own 7 acre campus that includes 2 acres of high yield growing and the microgreen growing process. The location of this campus is significant because it sits in the heart of East Temple. East Temple used to be its own thriving predominatly black community and now there is very little evidence of the prosperity, creativitiy and ingenuity that existed. Un-Included Club is in position to re-ignite the entreprehuership spirit that just needs to be reimagines through cooking classes, leadership training, entreprenuership opportunities etc...