Urban Farm

We are so excited to announce the opening of Un-Included Club's Urban Farm.

The Urban Farm is a space where we grow and learn. As an extension of our Urban Agriculture program, we now offer our community with fresh grown microgreens that are grown right here at our location!

A Place of our Own

In our new space we offer our After School Programming where children learn how to grow and cook sunflower, pea, and radish microgreens along with a host of other things. 

Benefits of Microgreens

Microgreens have a high antioxidant content and are considered a functional food, a food that promotes health or prevents disease.

unINcluded Club specializes in Sunflower microgreens, however, we can grow any type of microgreens upon request!

The benefits of our Sunflower Microgreens are huge!

Here are 3 major benefits:

  1. Boost your antioxidant capacity- they are packed with vitamins E and C vitamins, which also reduces blood pressure

  2. Sunflower sprouts are a natural expectorant and aids in chest congestion and can be used as preventative for low respiratory infections. 

  3. Great source of protein - which repair muscle tissue and aid in enzymatic functions in the body.

The beauty of Microgreens is its versatility. Courtesy of Un-Included Club's Chef Irma, who is a professional chef works with the youth on how to take what they have grown and turn them into delicious, nutritious  meals.


Where would we be without our Senior Growers? We are so grateful to our Mr. Nate and Mr. Travis for their hard work and dedication to our Urban Agriculture Program. 


Mr. Nate and Mr. Travis provide leadership in teaching the children how to properly grow the microgreens, while being great mentors in the process.